Join this small group of MSP owners working together to improve their lifestyle, and grow their net profits

The MSP Mastermind – strictly for 13 IT support businesses only

This is the NO COMMITMENT, ZERO RISK way to grow your business

The MSP Mastermind – strictly for 13 IT support businesses only

Paul Green

If you’re looking for more comprehensive help and support to grow and improve your business over the next year, then this is the option for you.

The MSP Mastermind is a month by month programme where you work closely with me, and 12 other IT support owners (who are guaranteed not to be in competition with you).

Together, we focus on improving the core elements that make up a robust, profitable business.

We look at improving every element of this profit-generating formula. To get you more clients, who drive up revenue, and ultimately generate higher levels of net profit.

Plus, we examine all of the factors that hold back most businesses – including management, staff, and finding time every day to focus ON the business, rather than IN it.

Here’s how we do it.

    We’ll look at improving every element of this profit-generating formula.

    1) We meet every month for a boardroom mastermind meeting

    Every month we meet for a full day in Milton Keynes (junction 14 of the M1, or 35 mins from central London on the train). 10am start, finishing between 5pm and 6pm.

    We have a private boardroom. Lunch and all refreshments will be provided.

    Throughout the day, we get progress updates from each business in the room. We explore in detail how to speed up progress.

    You’ll learn as much from discussing other IT support businesses, as you will discussing your own.

    This programme is structured to help you improve net profitability by tackling the small number of areas that make the biggest difference (the powerful theory of marginal gains).

    You leave the meeting buzzing
    “I find the meetings so energising! Just the ideas buzzing around the room. Brilliant!”
    Ben Schneider, IT Guy

    You’ll discover how to…

    • Get as many new clients as you need
    • Ethically persuade your clients to happily spend more with you
    • Be a better leader and have happier, more self sufficient staff
    • Get your website and online marketing to deliver better results
    • Create a highly positive cash flow
    • Dramatically improve your personal productivity
    • Set yourself apart from all your competitors with very clear marketing differentiation
    • Prepare your business for a highly profitable exit

    All of the meeting dates are laid out a year in advance, allowing you to plan your diary.

    Paul will take you to where you want to be in your business and your life. Guaranteed. Just do it
    “Paul really knows how to move your business to the next level. Within the first month, we had made major changes to the running of our business, leaving us to take a well-deserved holiday for a couple of weeks without even having to contact or be contacted by the office. What’s more, when we got back, staff had actually thought for themselves and everything was just running as it should.

    “Rather than it being competitors after your ideas, it’s just people of a similar mindset, sharing and discussing strategies and overcoming problems to ensure we get to our life goals. We have made some fantastic changes, which would definitely not have happened if it hadn’t been for Paul’s group.

    “I have loved all of this – it’s been hard work and certainly puts your through your paces, but that’s why it’s so good and so totally important. If everything in life was easy, as they say, everyone would be doing it. Not everyone will do this, which is why you will be well ahead of everyone else in your game if you do.

    “I love the way it makes me see the wood from the trees. Paul helps you to find your life goal and you then focus on it by his clever methods – every day. Even if you don’t think you are, you are. It makes me smile to see myself moving closer to what before was just a dream, but now I absolutely know not only will be, but is becoming reality, every day.

    “If you want to live the life you’ve always dreamed about, stop dreaming and start doing. Paul will take you to where you want to be in your business and your life. Guaranteed. Just do it!”

    Jean Eardley, Prompt PC

        2) Inbetween meetings, we have a 121 implementation helpline, available to you every week

        If you are prepared to work hard you can realise your dream
        “I am making progress and am on the path to growing the business.

        “The secret Facebook group has given me access to a group of peers. It is easy to feel that I am working isolation and the cabin fever syndrome is familiar and not fun. As time has gone on, I have been making more contact with more MSPs and it really does work!

        “If you really are committed to growing your business, and are prepared to work hard – you can realise your dream of building a profitable business that works without you.”

        Ben Schneider, IT Guy

          To really Get Things Done, you need access to someone who can answer your implementation questions, and remove any blocks to progress.

          So every week I make myself available to you for an hour.

          You can drop in for a 121 video call to ask me any question you have about growing or marketing your business.

          The implementation helpline will be scheduled on different days of the week, and at different times, so you have plenty of opportunity to access my direct help.

            3) You have support from me + weekly accountability, in a secret Facebook group

            This is a secret Facebook group – no-one will be able to see you’re a member, let alone the content you write. This will give you a true sense of community with your new colleagues. And be a valuable resource as you grow your practice.

            In addition, every Monday morning you’ll declare the one thing you most want to achieve that week. Basic psychology tells us that when you commit to an action in front of a group of trusted peers, you are dramatically more likely to actually do it.

              4) Each MSP Mastermind is strictly for 13 business owners only

              This number is the perfect balance. It’s a group big enough to give you a varied peer group.

              But at the same time each business gets a high level of attention from me.

                Your guarantee:
                Your competitors will be locked out

                When you join this programme you are guaranteed that none of your direct competitors will be in your Mastermind group.

                If one of your competitors is already in the group, then unfortunately we will not be able to accept you into this programme.

                You can ask to join the waiting list for a future group.

                It fills you with confidence
                “My biggest fear was yet another marketing company promising the earth, not really understanding my pain and delivering nothing again. Happy to say that none of this is true.

                “Paul has been where I am in his business, understands growing pains and not only advises us on our marketing strategy, but listens when things don’t quite work as advertised and isn’t afraid to try new things.

                “I particularly like the fact that I can get a 121 with Paul to discuss an idea or get his advice on a campaign before making it live. Marketing isn’t my forte, so to have someone give you that nudge in the right direction, it fills you with confidence.

                “It’s not a silver bullet. It takes hard work and you might have to try different things but you’ll be in good hands. It’s more of a team effort as you’ll be bouncing ideas off like minded business folk treading the same path as you. Some are ahead, some are behind. You’ll also feel great knowing that you’ve been able to help them too!”

                Russell Snelson, Prestige Logic

                  Mastermind X

                  10am to 6pm
                  Milton Keynes
                  Number of places available
                  1 place left

                  Tuesday 11th June 2019
                  Tuesday 9th July 2019
                  Tuesday 6th August 2019
                  Tuesday 10th September 2019
                  Tuesday 8th October 2019
                  Tuesday 5th November 2019
                  Tuesday 3rd December 2019

                  Mastermind A

                  10am to 6pm
                  Milton Keynes
                  Number of places available
                  1 place left

                  Wednesday 12th June 2019
                  Wednesday 10th July 2019
                  Wednesday 7th August 2019
                  Wednesday 11th September 2019
                  Wednesday 9th October 2019
                  Wednesday 6th November 2019
                  Wednesday 4th December 2019

                  Your investment is as little as £347 + vat per month

                  Your first trial meeting costs just £347 + vat. It gives you a chance to try it out and see if this is the right group for you (and vice versa).

                  Then your investment depends on your initial commitment:

                  Commit to 6 months: £447 + vat per month

                  Commit to 9 months: £397 + vat per month

                  Commit to 12 months: £347 + vat per month

                  Once your initial commitment has finished, you can then choose to continue attending for just £347 + vat per month. There’s no further commitment and you can cancel any time with just 30 days’ notice.

                  Growing your business and getting the life you truly want is IMPORTANT

                  Understand this: You’re not going to get to the end of your life, look back, and wish you’d spent more time fixing computers…

                  Instead, you’ll wish you’d spent more time with your children. Or other half.

                  Or just having more fun – hang gliding; golf; whatever your thing is.

                  The whole purpose of having a business is for it to give you the lifestyle you want.

                  The business is supposed to be there for you. Not the other way round.

                  99% of business owners get this wrong. They build a prison of their own design… and then lock themselves inside.

                  Today is the day that changes for you. Today is the day you make a decision and take action, to change your business. To improve net profitability, and systemise much of the stress away.

                  I’m deeply passionate about helping business owners create businesses that thrive without them.

                  And I’m looking forward to working closely with you.


                  Paul's signature

                  Paul Green, IT Support Marketing

                  My final thoughts on this…

                  The Mastermind Manifesto

                  I created a powerful set of guidelines to focus what we do in the MSP Mastermind. We’re creating better lives for the members of the group, by focusing on their mindset and their sales and marketing. This is our Mastermind Manifesto:

                  Business owner’s mindset

                  1. The business is there for you and not the other way round. Its purpose is to give you plenty of time to live the life you most want to live, and sufficient cash to make that happen

                  2. Remind yourself daily about the life you want to lead in the future, so you’re not distracted by today’s daily clutter

                  3. Have clear written goals, to laser focus your daily actions

                  4. Spend 60 to 90 minutes every day working ON your business rather than IN your business

                  5. Doing stuff is more impressive than talking about doing stuff

                  6. Make the business just 1% better every week. Over time that’s life changing

                  7. You should only do what only you can do. Just because you own the business doesn’t mean you need to do all of the work. Have Teflon shoulders and DOA (Delegate, Outsource, Automate)

                  8. You’re the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. Choose carefully

                  9. Lead your team. Inspire them. Train them well. And coach them 121 for best results

                  Marketing & sales

                  10. Build a personified picture of what your ideal client looks like, and focus all of your marketing directly on them

                  11. Look for niches and narrow focuses wherever possible, to minimise effort and maximise results. Relevance increases results

                  12. Use direct response marketing that educates people, and never brand marketing. Ignore what competitors are doing (“samey”) and aim for standoutability

                  13. Embrace the complexity of marketing. Test something new every week and fail more. It’s the only route to the profitable idea you otherwise would never have had

                  14. Study and apply Cialdini to all of your marketing

                  15. Create and protect proactive sales systems to build relationships and be there at the point people are ready to buy

                  16. Recurring revenue beats everything

                  Here’s what to do next

                  The next stage is to set up a 15 minute business growth consultation phone call with my colleague Ben Smith.

                  We need to check that it would be appropriate for your business to join the MSP Mastermind. And you need to check your business would benefit.

                  Ben’s live calendar is below. Pick a 15 minute phone call time that best suits you please.

                  Remember, there’s zero commitment at this stage. You’re just discussing it.