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Free video analysis of your website 

Grab your Ultimate Business Growth Manual by Friday 16th December, and you'll get a private, confidential video analysing your business's website.  

Paul Green will look at it as your prospects do, and make a series of tailored suggestions to turn more traffic into leads, and then clients.

Your video is guaranteed 100% bespoke, 100% private, and will be emailed to you before Christmas. Plus you'll be able to email Paul with any questions about his suggestions in your video.

Ultimate Business Growth Manual

Every answer you need to grow your IT business - at your fingertips

100% designed for the owners and managers of IT support & IT consultancy businesses

If you're looking for dramatic growth in your IT support or IT consultancy business, you'll find all the answers in this 127 page printed Ultimate Business Growth Manual.

It's a complete marketing system. Every word has been written by me, Paul Green, based on more than a decade's experience of growing then exiting a sucessful B2B business.

It's structured around a powerful Model for Accelerated Business Growth. This guide will sit on your desk and give you the answers to grow your business, exactly when you need them. 

And it's fully guaranteed for 6 months - your money back if you don't adore it.

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The Ultimate Business Growth Manual is based around a visual Model for Accelerated Growth. So you can check your business against a number of critical areas, and immediately see where the problems are, and where there are growth opportunities



How to position your business. How to use PR, and social media, to reach and influence the right decision makers



How you immediately catch the attention, of people who are looking for an IT support or IT consultancy business in your area

mobile devices


How to take control of the marketing relationship. And encourage the highest quality prospects to reach out to you, while ignoring your competitors



How to make it simple and risk-free for someone to choose your business. And the psychology behind why people why (or don't buy)

Pen and paper


How to bake retention into the way you operate. And run efficiently without the need for the very best staff in every position



How to leverage your assets and resources, to give you greater net profits, a dramatically higher personal income, and more valuable time off

“This Ultimate Business Growth Manual took 10 years to write. Only six months to type it. But 10 years of learning the hard way. Stupid marketing mistakes, cock-ups and wasted money. I've written the manual I wish I could have consulted, on my journey to grow my business and ultimately sell it to an eager buyer."

Paul Green - IT Support Marketing

Highly structured information

This growth manual has 30 chapters, arranged around a visual Model for Accelerated Business Growth. So you can identify your business's strengths and weaknesses quickly, then jump straight to the relevant section. If you prefer, you can also read it in a linear fashion. The growth manual is ring bound, so it sits flat on your desk whichever page you're looking at. 


 No fat. No opinions. Just fact

Proven marketing and growth strategies and tactics that will grow your IT support or IT consultancy business. If you deeply desire changing and growing your business, but you're not sure where to start, you'll find the answers within this growth manual.

Paul Green

About the author

Over a decade, Paul Green built then sold a successful B2B marketing company. He now works with the owners and managers of IT support and IT consultancy businesses. 

Paul is also the author of the book Updating servers doesn't grow your business 


This is a printed manual, sent to you in the post. I fully believe it contains everything you need to grow your IT support or IT consultancy business's turnover and net profits. I think you'll adore it and refer to it often.

But in the unlikely event that you don't adore it, just return it to me in a good state within 6 months of purchase. And I'll refund 100% of the cost of the manual. 

No quibbles, questions or 'yeah buts". I want you to love this manual and get great value from it.

Ultimate Business Growth Manual

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till the Christmas deal ends. Grab your manual by 5pm on Friday 16th December, and you'll receive a private, confidential video analysing your business's website 

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